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How baseball got fun again in San Francisco

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Brandon Vallance

Go for it, Billy

Left: Billy Beane. (Photo: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

And I will not stand for it — not for one moment

Photo: Getty Images/DavidPrahl

On celebrating the great San Francisco bookstore we’ve all come to adore

Photo: Courtesy of Flickr via Lynn Friedman

‘California was a business venture for the MAGA movement, that’s it’

Photo: Getty Images/David McNew/Stringer

This weekend marks the birth of the East Bay calendar staple so many of us came to adore

Berkeley’s Greek Theatre. (Photo: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

My best friend of 25 years died suddenly in February; I mourned along with thousands

Pedro and I, both born in August 1962, threw a joint 50th birthday party in Santa Cruz.

With record legal sales, California hit the $1 billion mark in cannabis tax revenue for 2020

Double exposure of part of the Golden Gate Bridge and cannabis leaves.
Photo: Darren415/iStock/Getty Images Plus

The Quiet Eloquence of His Call for a “Whole Soul” Politics

My family and I will head to Washington, D.C.

Protestors outside the White House, one of them holding an anti-Trump flag.
Participants in an anti-Trump rally gather outside the White House. Photo: Vladimir Kostyrev/TASS/Getty Images

Steve Kettmann

For 2021, I’m mourning the lost of my great friend Pedro Gomez, an ESPN reporter who died in February, and inspired so many people.

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